Bretton is a wise storyteller and a kind and generous soul. Her unique, whimsical, original, and lovely work is a true gift. She created custom poems for an event I did, and her moving poetry touched us all deeply. It’s a joy and a pleasure to know Bretton and to experience the beauty and brightness she sends into the world.
— F.C.

Bretton is a true gem, her poems are amazing. I love how she can customize and create a brand new poem. I have asked Bretton to write custom poems for few of my jewelry clients and they all absolutely loved it. I especially love the typewritten format. It’s stunning and very personal. The poem adds meaning to jewelry that is irreplaceable and unique.
— Jinal Sampat, Designer at Sampat Jewellers
It was abundantly clear that Bretton ‘got’ our love story. Her fairy tale reflected not only the chronology of our relationship but also the things that matter to us. When I read it for the first time I was overcome with the emotion it evoked and knew that I had received a priceless gift.
— A.L.

My husband used White Cotton Rose to gift me with a wedding story the morning of our wedding. Ted kept saying he had a surprise for me and I kept wracking my brain trying to think of what he could have bought me that would live up to the hype he was creating. Once I opened the box, I understood. Reading through the fairytale I would unexpectedly come across one of our inside jokes and start laughing out loud! The level of detail which intertwined our story and inside jokes into the fairytale is what made reading this story a beautiful experience. Not to mention the prose and writing ability from our author Bretton. I love even more that this story is something we will have forever. As a wedding day gift, I think the fairytale story is the most thoughtful, unique, and creative gift to have received!
— Lauren Gambordella

Everything was professional, easy, and timely. All I had to do was fill out a simple questionnaire and the perfect story was written! The story was amazing, it felt like the author had known us for our entire relationship. Not only that, but the story incorporated a locket that I gave my wife on the day of the wedding. The story took my boring gift and made it absolutely priceless. Now when my wife wears her locket she thinks of the wonderful story that was written and our wedding day! I highly recommend this service, as it is an amazing and easy way to go the extra mile for the ones you love.
— Ted Gambordella
Thanks Bretton. I read it twice!! I like it a lot. I’ll keep it forever :)
— P.P.

Bretton Keating’s writing is the combination of your most frank friend and a compassionate tug to the heart. Always uncovering a new layer of the world around me and making me want to become an explorer of the inner and outer landscapes.
— Anna Linder, Graphic Designer