The Story of Lauren & Ted

March 5, 2016

"In a land where the trees grow leaves of the lushest shade of green, there lived a boy who caused many a chin to turn. It was hard to decipher exactly what gave him such notice, other than the good-naturedness of his demeanor, which seemed to pour out the top of him, shrouding his friends and family with a spark of energetic positivity that they could do, quite simply, anything they put their minds to.

Amy Karp Photography (

Amy Karp Photography (

Despite his naturally sunny demeanor, deep in the broadness of his chest, the boy longed for something he could not consciously pinpoint. Determined to outsmart the longing, for a while he simply refused to acknowledge it. Rather, he focused all his energies (of which there were an abundant amount) on knick-knacks and projects of differing shapes and sizes.

In a nearby town in which there were fewer trees to hide an open sky, and each day the sun painted the earth’s edge in the rainbow descent of a Southern sunset, lived a young girl with hair of such a pure shade of white that it reflected the sun’s light in a ring around her pretty face. The girl’s home sat on the edge of a vast field, through which the girl and her father often ran and played.

The girl had no siblings, and so she was very close to her parents and aunts and uncles. As she grew, she developed a strong imagination that never left her feeling any strings of boredom or melancholy. The girl was naturally bright, and she learned things quite easily. After her lessons, she passed many an afternoon inventing games and sport for her dearest friends, with whom she shared a bond strong enough to last a lifetime.

The girl, ever the ray in her parent’s life, was accepted to a brick-mortared school in the lush forestland just down the road. And it was there that our two stories meet..."  

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Lauren & Ted live Happily Ever After.