The Story of Amy & Alex

January 24, 2015

Tale Snippets:

"Even in her early years, the girl appeared to all she encountered simply destined to shine. When she was still quite young, one morning she awoke before dawn to the sound of chirping. She sat up in bed, and found herself face to face with a lark. The lark had a pink breast, quietly illuminated from within its ember core. 'Hello there,' she told the lark, and in response, the bird fluttered about, softly landing on the girl's shoulder. The lark began whispering a sweet song into her ear. The girl listened intently and smiled. In that moment, she knew that as long as she continued to listen to the lark's song, peace would inevitably come...


...The girl grew with a steady inner spark rippling sheer light wherever she went. In her quiet nest-town she effortlessly commanded the chickadees, her companions standing in awe of her golden example. The girl remained awaringly oblivious to it all, of course. She continued listening to the lark's song, failing to realize that the melody was not audibly available for all to hear...

...And so our young woman and man found themselves sitting together by command, at a party with freedom of seating for all. At the eve's end, the young man walked the lady to her bicycle, smiling as she pulled out earbuds, carefully placing one in each ear, before her cycle back to her oak.

A combination of delicate banter, the young woman's beauty, and that set of earbuds, intrigued the young man...

He had met his lark soulmate, to whom he would sing forevermore." 

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Amy & Alex live Happily Ever After.