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We all live these twisted, windy paths that lead us to right here, right now.

 There is so much beauty in a moment.

 The pastels of winter. Blush skies + frosted grass. A gold sky touched by angels. His smile when I told him, this time, maybe I’d stay. Her eyes: a little bit sad, a little bit playful, a whole love loving.

 Weaving heartbeats into words is a passion of mine. Capturing the beauty of the small, intricate pieces that make up everyday life.

 White Cotton Rose began, quite unintentionally, when I fell, broken hearted, on a cold, stone floor. A wreath with a small rose, made of white cotton, knit me back together, as has the outpouring that followed suit.

 I am constantly evolving, artistically and otherwise. My art and life are not separate. I use various methods, mediums and processes to explore the feelings within and without. I believe art has the potential not only to serve as a window, but also to blow away the glass. To transform.

 For me, words serve as a bridge toward connection with oneself and the external world. Through a dance with words in the form of story, poem, or alternate phrasing, we gain clarity into who we are, we understand things differently, we see with a fresh lens.

 The brush offers me a window into my soul. I feel most alive while dancing. Music explains things my thoughts cannot. I only ever feel at ease when moving.

 Please, come visit, and stay awhile. If my words, images, or otherwise have touched you, let me know. None of this exists in a vacuum. I need my work to matter, just as the work needs me to care. And we all need love to survive.


On that note, with love, thank you for visiting my page.