Pleased to Meet

Bretton Keating - Tale Spinner

Bretton happened upon fairy tale writing by chance when she unintentionally wrote her own story, "The Prankster Princess". She has since given up the prankster crown to focus on a better-suited path of helping others shine light on their stories.

Bretton believes in the power of story as having healing potential, as well as serving as a unique artifact, an ancient, life-giving tool. Her favorite element of writing couples' tales is discovering the small, uncelebrated moments that reveal something far greater still: love.

She writes every day because doing so is the only thing that keeps her out of (serious) trouble. She loves to cook, and has a borderline obsession with all things related to health of the mind, body, and spirit.

For Bretton's published work, please see her personal website.

Photo by José Antonio Yunis (@joeyunis)

Photo by José Antonio Yunis (@joeyunis)

Once upon a time...

White Cotton Rose began quite by accident, as most things do begin.

You see, I grew up, as many little girls, having overactive imaginations do: immersed in stories of varying shapes and sizes.

Somewhere along the way, I lost my sense of self, getting caught in the age-old story of what others expected, and how life "should" be.

When I wrote my own story, without meaning to in the slightest, it brought me back to myself in a profound way that is difficult for me, still, to put into words. I attempted to describe the experience, a bit, here.

Since that day, I had not stopped spinning these tales, primarily for family and friends, when I befriended Grace (pictured, left), who decided to become a part of the adventure. So we built a website, began to get our ducks in a row, and formed a foundation for this business to grow. 

Grace has since moved on to her next adventure, but her input is so appreciated. Her spirit remains in popup, poetry-in-the-park, legacy. 

So, what does White Cotton Rose do, exactly? 

We bring to light each couple or individual's unique story, creating a deeper experience than the outer, surface layer.

We make it magical. We make that magic real.

It is easy for us all to overlook the uncelebrated moments - the sprinkles of time that make our lives special. We forget to cherish the ordinary pieces of daily existence that weave the tableau of human life. We offer an heirloom that surpasses all weathered time. A reminder of what was there, in the beginning, and what you can ultimately never lose. Your story. Always there to return to. Shifting and shaping along with you.

People can lose sight of who they really are, at the core, through focusing exclusively on a narrow, black-and-white way of thinking. We forget that our daily interactions have meaning & purpose, and that each of us is already living the fairy tale, our own personal Hero's Journey. And the world is full of colors, many of which cannot be seen with our (human) eyes. The unexplained occurrences carry so much meaning. We are each here for a reason, and it may mean getting back to the bones of who you are to discover your purpose. 

We unlock the bones. We shine light on the synchronicities, and provide a roadmap for celebrating the journey.

The Happily-Ever-After...

White Cotton Rose strives to bring magic into the experience of everyday life. We provide a tool for individuals and couples to return to the heart of who they really are, through their story.